Evercoach Is The Training Ground Where Extraordinary Coaches Become Better, Everyday.​

As technology, work and the very way we live our lives continue to evolve at breakneck speeds, many are falling through the cracks of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

But it is you, the coach, who is at the forefront of real, meaningful change in the lives of the people you serve. And in turn, you’re helping push humanity towards a more conscious and connected world.

This is why we created Evercoach.

To help you do what you do best: elevate, inspire and spark lasting transformation that sticks – for both your clients and you.

Our Mission

Over the next decade, our goal is to train 1 million+ coaches to create better results for their clients while living a life of freedom and abundance.

We Believe In


We are one human species.


We all want to grow and transform to become the best version of ourselves


Living with freedom helps us realize our highest potential.

Serve Love

Serving and loving each other everyday is the key to a meaningful life.


We honor human intelligence and our ability to help each other become better.

meet our co-founders

About Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit is known as the mastermind behind successful and impactful brands in the human evolution and education space.

His journey started in India as he led the multi media sales for a national newspaper. Soon after, he joined a startup named Mindvalley. Mindvalley became a powerhouse over the years as he played the roles of CMO and CEO of the company.

He went on to create the global center for continued education for coaches, called Evercoach. Serving over 100,000 coaches globally, he turned the industry’s attention to having a better product.

He currently coaches and consults with leaders in education, certification and coaching industries.

He has been featured in leading online shows and podcasts.

About Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani was a computer engineer and senior leader at a rapidly growing Silicon Valley startup. But he faced extreme stress and was burnt out. He took up meditation as a solution and it completely changed his life.

He quit the valley to study meditation, teach around the world and go into deep mastery of human development. Mindvalley was born as a result.

Today Vishen is on a quest to remake how the world works in terms of business, politics, education and spirituality.

Meet the Coach Profit Plan Members


Business Head


Business Head


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Business Head

What Other Coaches Are Saying About Us

Dave and Jay focus on the results I care about beyond just high keyword rankings.They clearly show me what is working and drive consistent leads for my business.
Lucy Challenger
Career Coach
David and Jay went beyond the call of duty and took a genuine interest in this project. They spend hours reviewing our short and long term goals and provided us with an action plan that one would expect to be part of a business plan.
Stuart Silverstein MD
Health Coach
I am very pleased with the presentation and content. It allowed me to really have a vision of the success of my business and the map to get there. Thank you!
Susan Tucker
Health & Nutrition Coach
Dave and Jay were amazing to work with. They took the time to understand our company’s mission, values, and products, and conducted thoughtful research on a content strategy & implementation. We are very pleased with their work, and look forward to working with them again in the future.
Sophia Ruan Gushee
Wellness Coach + Expert
Blown away by the thorough and detailed report Dave and Jay provided. They gave me great insight into where I need to improve my content strategy and were really helpful and friendly. I am looking forward to working with them again and building my business.
Beth Kent
Acting Coach