Our COACH PROFIT Guarantee:

Join And Make Your Money Back, Guaranteed.

Join the Coach Profit Plan program and make your money back within 6 months, guaranteed.


Here’s the Guarantee Fine Print

We will be providing you with the resources you need to make money as a coach, but you have to do the work.

Building a business takes work and commitment. That’s why you must do all of the work. This is not a program you try out for a few weeks.

You should use the journal (forms) to capture your completed assignments.  It will be critical for you to take regular time to setup appointments and to do proper intake calls.  

Leading up to this step, you will need to do the assignments to clarify your coaching vision and service, and setup your communication flows.  This process is designed to help you attract more potential customers, and qualify the best clients.

Keep track of the work you are doing, and use the shared tracking forms to note that you are getting them done on the schedule provided. If you do the work, we guarantee that you’ll make your money back within 6 months.

How to Request Your Refund:

Prove that you’ve had at least 10 sales conversations with real potential clients (not friends or family), using everything we’ve taught you in the program.

You can submit a detailed log of your 10 calls to us via email

Submit all of your homework from the program showing you have completed it.

Submit your refund request via email before 6 months from purchase are complete.

Once you complete these three steps, we will happily refund you, no questions asked.

Submit any refunds to support@coachprofitplan.com.

No refunds will be issued after 6 months.